Blankz - a Mad-Libs™ like game that you can play online

February 27, 2017

For my newest side-project I wanted to use Google App engine. I find PaaS systems to be very alluring for two reasons. Firstly, the fact that (in theory) the system requires zero maintenance or system administration. Secondly, they scale seamlessly. I was prepared to pay the price of consumer lock-in that occurs with Google App Engine, especially when you opt for the Datastore, as I did.

I aimed to make something that has inherent virality, like most of my projects. In this case it’s a collaborative form of the famous Mad-Libs™ game. One person can start a game, but it can only be finished with the help of others. Being “forced” to invite other players to join actually increases the fun, hence the inherent virality. Let’s see if it works. Click here to see the game for yourself.