👋 Hello. I'm Caspar

About me

I'm bootstrapping my own SaaS products -- that's another way of saying: I'm trying to make and run apps for a living. Currently I'm working on keepthescore.co.

I sporadically write in a blog about my journey as a SaaS bootstrapper, some creative writing and the occasional rant.

I live in Berlin with my family.

Biggish Software Projects

Here are 4 things I made that are being used by more than 400 people a day. All them are my own work, bar Kittysplit which is a collaboration.


Kittysplit is a webapp that allows painless cashing up after an event.

Android Wallpapers

I've made a bunch of wallpaper apps for your Android phone. They've been download over 500.000 times. Can you really afford to continue living without them?


A nifty little webapp for keeping track of scores online.


A silly Android app that allows you to send mild spoken insults to your friends and enemies. It's been downloaded over 100.00 times.

Smallish Projects and other things