Quitting Facebook is easy. Here's how.

Facebook is awful.

  1. It chews up a vast amount of your time.
  2. It’s watching you on every website you visit, all the time. It’s basically a massive surveillance operation. How does this work? In short, using those innocent looking...
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Blankz - a Mad-Libs™ like game that you can play online

For my newest side-project I wanted to use Google App engine. I find PaaS systems to be very alluring for two reasons. Firstly, the fact that (in theory) the system requires zero maintenance or system administration. Secondly, they scale seamlessly....

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Getting hit by an app store penalty

I recently experienced what I can only assume is a penalty on the Google Play app store. One of my apps has around 250 downloads per day. These are purely organic installs and I have not run any campaigns...

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Creating an online scoreboard with Python Flask.

I recently wanted to learn something new and decided to make a webapp using Python Flask. Webapps are often under-appreciated next to their native cousins, especially when some kind of user collaboration is required. Not only are webapps an order...

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Replacing Launchrock with Flask

'Lovely landing page'

I’ve being playing around with Python Flask recently and my first project is a self-hosted replacement for Launchrock. All it does is throw up a landing page and a signup form. Get the...

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Z-shell in Ubuntu 16.04

'Beautiful Z-Shell'

All the cool kids are using z-shell instead of bash these days. I won’t go into details here, other than saying:

  • zsh has much better tab completion behavior than bash
  • it makes working...
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A tool to present user stories

The legendary computer scientist Donald E. Knuth was in the middle of writing a series of books, when he realised that the typesetting systems of the day weren’t to his satisfaction. So he did what any tinkerer in his...

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Ubuntu development has stagnated

Last year I ranted about the state of Ubuntu and claimed that it had a general smell of decay and abandonment. This time I decided to try and find some concrete evidence to back up my claim and wondered...

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How to test if your adblocker is working

So you’ve installed an adblocker (or a “content” blocker if you’re on iOS). But how do your actually know that it works?

I created a very simple page that will test your adblocker: Adblock detector. The code is available...

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Android In App Billing Howto

Here’s how I implemented in App Billing in my app(s).

My goal was to implement a donate feature for my wallpaper apps so I set about reading the documentation on the Google developer pages.

Events took a familiar...

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Using Python to find domains; finding out if a domain is registered

I made a Python script to create domain names and then check if they are free. It uses a python whois module.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Checkout the code

This bit is quite easy

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Hello World

This is my first post with Github Pages and Jekyll and I’m just futzing around.

I will import some earlier posts from another blog, so it will look like this isn’t the first, but it is, believe me.

Here’s an...

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Chromedriver error on Ubuntu

I was seeing the following error when running Chromedriver on Ubuntu

/usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromedriver: error while loading shared libraries: libgfx.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory 

This can be simply fixed by placing the...

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How to take daily automatic screenshots in Ubuntu / Linux using the command line

For some reason you may want to automatically take screenshots every day. Maybe you want to spy on someone, maybe you want to keep a visual diary of what you’re doing on your computer, maybe you just really really love...

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Leverage browser caching in Google App Engine

I’m working on a project that allows friends to work out who owes cash to whom after a joint event: it’s called Kittysplit and is built in Java / Google App Engine.

Running the site through Google’s wonderful page...

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