10X Wallpapers for your Android

These texture wallpapers are generated from scratch to always be a perfect fit for your device. Over 400.000 Downloads and 4.5 Stars positve ratings

Android wood wallpapers

10X Wood Wallpapers

Give your phone that hand-made feeling with these luxurious wooden textures.

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Android Dark wallpapers

10X Dark Wallpapers

Dark, mysterious, high-class. These wallpapers look great and save your battery too.

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Android Animal wallpapers

Animal Wallpapers

Skin your homepage with over 20 high-quality animal print textures, all in high-resolution.

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Android vintage wallpapers

Vintage Wallpapers

Over 20 beautiful retro textures. You never knew that your phone could be so unique.

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Android Luxury wallpapers

Luxury Wallpapers

For the person who has everything. These Wallpapers will make your phone look like a million dollars.

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Android india wallpapers

India Wallpapers

Bring the brilliant patterns and the rich history of the indian subcontintent to your phone.

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Android leather wallpapers

10X Leather Wallpapers

Nothing feels quite like real leather. The same goes for these premium leather wallpapers.

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Android elegant wallpapers

10X Texture Wallpapers

A wonderful collection of different textures, all bundle up in this single delightful package.

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Android Pink wallpapers

Pink Wallpapers

Everyone is pink on the inside, so why not let you phone be pink too? Great for girls.

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