A tool to present user stories

March 1, 2016

The legendary computer scientist Donald E. Knuth was in the middle of writing a series of books, when he realised that the typesetting systems of the day weren’t to his satisfaction. So he did what any tinkerer in his situation would do, which is epically procrastinate interrupt his writing and make a better system first. Eight years later his mission was complete and he had built the best typesetting system in the world. He then went back to writing his books.

Anyway, I’m no Donald E. Knuth but recently I wanted to discuss a bunch of user stories with my development team and decided it would be best to have one user story per presentation slide. That way, we could concentrate on discussing a user story at a time and not be distracted by other stories.


I was sure that there must be some tool to take rows in a Google Sheet and turn them into a presentation. But I was wrong (or couldn’t find it). So I made Sheets2Slides, a very simple webapp that turns Google Sheets into a presentation. And it didn’t take me 8 years either.