How to take daily automatic screenshots in Ubuntu / Linux using the command line

November 26, 2013

For some reason you may want to automatically take screenshots every day. Maybe you want to spy on someone, maybe you want to keep a visual diary of what you’re doing on your computer, maybe you just really really love screenshots.

Here’s how to do it using just command-line tools on Ubuntu.

Step 1

Install the scrot package

sudo apt-get install scrot

Step 2

Create the following script and call it screenshots

Note: you must give a values for FILEPATH. This must be absolute e.g. /home/bob/Dropbox.

You must also give a value for MYUSERNAME (e.g. bob). Do not not use $USER because the script will run as root.



DATE=$(date +%F)
FILENAME="$(date +%F-%R)-$(hostname).jpg"

Step 3

Change the owner of the file, make it executable and move it to the cron folder.

chmod +x screenshots
sudo chown root:root screenshots
sudo mv screenshots /etc/cron.daily

Step 4

Test that it’s working. After running the following command, a new file should be created in the folder you specifified in the FILEPATH variable.

sudo /etc/cron.daily/screenshots