A simple hack to improve your landing page copy with ChatGPT

November 10, 2023


It’s surprisingly hard to write the copy for your product landing page: one trap that is very easy to fall into is using your own language and not the customer’s when describing the product.

What the company says: “Our Dermaglow cream is a sophisticated blend of micro-nutrients, rare botanicals, and innovative moisture-binding compounds that rejuvenate and revitalize your skin at a cellular level.”

What customers say: “This lotion makes my face feel less like an old leather bag and more like a baby’s butt. Plus, it smells like lavender, not like a science lab.”

You get the idea.

How to fix this?

You fix it by letting the customers write the copy. And instead of using expensive and time-consuming focus groups, you use … AI. Yes, I am afraid this is another post about ChatGPT.

Proceed as follows:

  1. In your onsite feedback survey, add the following question: “What do you like about our product?”.
  2. Once you have enough answers, feed it into ChatGPT and ask it to write some landing page copy.
  3. Profit!

I just fed 400 answers into ChatGPT and it produced the following for Keepthescore.com. It’s surprising good, considering I said nothing about what my product actually does in the prompt:

Simple, Fast, and Free - Scorekeeping Redefined

Welcome to KeepTheScore – where simplicity meets functionality. Our platform is designed with one goal in mind: making scorekeeping hassle-free and accessible to everyone. Whether you’re tracking sports games, friendly matches, or any competition, KeepTheScore is your go-to solution.

Key Features: